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Brixham Theatre has recently taken on a new safeguarding team under the leadership of former trustee Laura Jury, who has a wealth of experience as an actor, teacher and running a touring theatre company.

Laura says: ‘It is imperative that the theatre is a safe, welcoming place for all volunteers, creatives and audience to come and share in the joy of theatre-based arts & culture, regardless of previous experience, ethnicity, any disability, age, gender or background, and the role of the new safeguarding team is to ensure that. Safeguarding relates to both physical and psychological wellbeing, ensuring that there are no opportunities for any form of abuse, bullying or other negative behaviour. This role focusses on our volunteers at Brixham Theatre, but will also be available to liaise as needed with the safeguarding staff with visiting acts and productions.

Laura Jury, the safeguarding lead, is a local actor and theatre maker, running her own touring professional touring theatre company (South Devon Players) since 2005, which is one of the regular companies performing at Brixham Theatre.

She also served three years as a trustee at Brixham Theatre.

Additionally, Laura has a Masters degree in teaching secondary/ college level theatre, and is one of four directors nationally on Equity’s national Directors Committee. Equity, as a trade union for actors and creatives, also has strict guidelines on the safeguarding and wellbeing of creatives, all of which will inform the safeguarding policies of Brixham Theatre, alongside relevant national legislation, and lived experience.

The safeguarding team (pictured on the poster right) will have contact details readily available in the theatre, and encourage anyone with questions or concerns, to make contact at any time.