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‘Quite brilliant!’ – our latest National Theatre Live Screening!

Volunteer Julia Bennett watched the Saturday night screening and gives her verdict:

‘Skylight is written by dramatist David Hare and premiered in the West End in 1995, towards the end of the Thatcher/Major years.

The version we were treated to last night was a West End Revival from 2014. It starred Bill Nighy as the rich, right wing, funny and selfish Tom and Carey Mulligan as his left wing, idealistic ex lover Kyra.

Although some of the political messages are slightly outdated, many still ring true today.

Bill Nighy is quite brilliant using every facial and body movement and change of voice to make you laugh and feel sad in equal measure. Carey Mulligan remained calm throughout with one crowd awaking moment as she threw her cutlery drawer across the stage!! She also cooked a meal whilst acting..how do you do that? They were quite brilliant together.

The story revolves around Tom trying to win his ex lover Kyra back now his wife has died. It is difficult not to feel great sympathy with both sides as they tussle with their emotions and arguments. I so wanted them to get back together and even felt a ray of hope when the doorbell to Kyra’s flat rang in the last scene. It was not to be.

A  lovely performance from Matthew Beard as Tom’s 18 year old angst ridden son Edward, leaves the play in a good place with Edward and Kyra having breakfast (provided by The Ritz) in Kyra’s flat. Just like the old times for the pair.’