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“Something Wicked This Way Comes”

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Brixham Theatre for South Devon Player’s version of the classic Macbeth. From the first glimpse beyond the rising curtain, it was evident that this performance would be a distinctive and innovative take on the timeless classic.

Firstly, I felt the need to point out the sheer amount of lines these actors mastered is truly commendable!

The portrayal of the witches was a standout. Cloaked in mesmerising costumes, they weaved through dramatic movements. The use of lighting throughout the performance heightened moments of mystique, mental wellness, violence, and atmospheres that remained after the curtains closed.

What truly set this production apart was the incorporation of dynamic acting in the aisles. This had the bonus of drawing the audience into the narrative with an intensity and unpredictability rarely seen in traditional renditions.

The talented cast delivered performances that brought the characters to life in an authentic and emotionally charged manner. Set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop, the play’s tragic beginning and foreshadowing set the stage for the Macbeths’ descent into madness. It added a layer of relevance, making the timeless text accessible and relatable to a contemporary audience.

A poignant moment was Lady Macbeth’s rendition of the “Out, Damned Spot” scene. The actress brought a haunting vulnerability to the character, inviting the audience to empathise with the internal torment of Lady Macbeth’s descent into guilt-ridden madness.

The success of the production was not only a testament to the talent of the performers but also highlighted the dedication of the volunteers at Brixham Theatre. Their commitment ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience, contributing to the overall positive impression of the evening.

In reflection, a quote from Macbeth himself comes to mind: “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.” This production not only embraced the inherent theatricality of the play but also left a lasting impression, a shadow that will continue to “strut and fret” in the minds of the audience.

For those yet to experience this riveting rendition of Macbeth, tickets are still available. Don’t miss the chance to witness a play seamlessly combining tradition with innovation, and classic themes with contemporary relevance. It is a great performance for those studying the play in school or college, or as a refreshing take on a classic for those who enjoy Shakespeare.


New York Award-Winning Macbeth Tour: A Theatrical Triumph

In 2019, The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company achieved a remarkable feat by winning a theatre award in the Long Island Theatre Awards ceremony for their production of Shakespeare’s classic drama, Macbeth. The announcement  brought immense joy to the Brixham-based company. The journey to this accolade had its share of challenges, notably when the title role needed to be recast just ten days before the first performances. Despite the hurdles, the dedicated local actors delivered a performance that garnered overwhelming positive feedback, surpassing productions by renowned theatres like the Globe in London and the RSC. The success of Macbeth opened doors for a second larger show tour, with invitations from Ireland and the USA. The Long Island Theatre Awards recognised the production, further highlighting the critical role played by Brixham Theatre in fostering local creativity and enabling such successes. 

Beyond public shows, the company engages with local schools, releasing a free education pack. Led by Laura Jury, the diverse cast and crew collaboratively crafted costumes from recycled materials, showcasing their commitment to innovation on a budget.

Founded in 2005, South Devon Players aims to provide opportunities for local talent. The production challenges stereotypes, offering a platform for creatives of all backgrounds. Laura Jury’s involvement with Equity and national committees highlights the organisation’s impact on policies for professionalism in the arts industry. For details and tickets, visit www.southdevonplayers.com.

Volunteers & Helpers Wanted: Be a Part of the Theatrical Magic

South Devon Players is seeking volunteers to contribute to the success of their award-winning, inclusive theatre company based in Brixham. Opportunities range from fundraising to publicity, aiding the creation of new theatre shows. This second production of Macbeth, set in a post-nuclear landscape, includes an education pack for students. The organisation, founded in 2005, welcomes individuals regardless of age, background, race, or experience. Laura Jury’s leadership and involvement in national committees position South Devon Players as a trailblazer in the theatre community. For those passionate about theatre, inclusion, and positive impact, contact Laura Jury at 07855 090589 or southdevonplayers@gmail.com to get involved.