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The worst play I’ve ever seen

The passionate amateur performers and dedicated backstage crew of Project X embody the true essence of camaraderie and community spirit to create a comedic gem full of mayhem, laughter and charm!

A Review by Bethan Rees of Play On! A comedy by Rick Abbot – Performed by Project X at Brixham Theatre

This is the worst play I’ve ever seen, filled with incompetent acting, production management, mistakes throughout and the writer should be ashamed that they kept changing the script right up until the dress rehearsal!

But wait! Before you run for the hills, let me clarify – it’s all meant to be that way! “Play On!” is a comedic gem that embraces chaos with open arms, delivering uproarious entertainment from start to finish.

Rick Abbot’s “Play On!” unfolds as a love letter to community theatre, chronicling the misadventures of a hapless troupe attempting to stage a murder mystery play. Directed by Gerry, the theatre manager, the production descends into delightful mayhem as the playwright continuously tweaks the script, much to the dismay of the already frazzled cast.

From the dreadful rehearsals to the near-disastrous dress rehearsal and the calamitous final performance, every moment brims with laughter and charm. The play within a play concept is executed with finesse, keeping the audience guessing and chuckling as the unexpected becomes the norm.

The ensemble cast shines with their movement between honest to, sometimes downright ridiculous, performances of caricatures, expertly navigating a world of prop mishaps, physical comedy, and comical facial expressions. I wanted to make a particular note about the production’s background acting, which I believe deserves unequivocal praise. They were seamlessly enhancing the immersive experience for the audience throughout. There were no moments I caught someone standing bored at the back of the stage waiting for their line, there were constant adlibs, engagement and camaraderie throughout the production. Such attention to detail is the hallmark of a truly exceptional cast and director, adding layers of authenticity to every scene and ensuring a captivating theatrical journey from start to finish.

Nestled in the heart of Brixham Theatre, this uproarious production by Project X isn’t just about delivering belly laughs – it’s about celebrating community spirit in all its glory. Made up of passionate amateur performers and dedicated backstage crew, Project X embodies the true essence of camaraderie. Together, they joyously take the stage, raising funds through their performances to support Brixham Theatre CIO. This charity isn’t just about enriching the community with diverse theatrical experiences; it’s a lifeline for the wonderful volunteers who breathe life into Brixham Theatre day after day. So, when you buy a ticket to “Play On!”, you’re not just in for a night of hilarity – you’re investing in the heartbeat of our community. 

The cast, crew and their very own Gerry (Vanessa Fitzgerald), should be really proud of the work they are doing, both onstage and for Brixham as a whole. 

So, if you’re in the mood for a riotous evening filled with laughter and camaraderie, don’t miss “Play On!” And whatever you do, don’t mention *looks dramatically into the distance* the curse!!

Tickets are available for purchase at Brixham Theatre. Show dates and times can be found at www.brixhamtheatre.uk.

Don’t miss your chance to support this fantastic cause while enjoying a night of unforgettable entertainment!